9 Must-have Features in an On-Demand Grocery Delivery Application


Let us see what features to consider at the time of grocery app development:

1. Social media sign up:

Grocery app development doesn't differ much from translator apps. Last time I reviewed a real translator app that you can get from itunes

. I defined main features such as:

• Live conversation translation: effortless communication without having to bother about typing words and phrases
• Language detection happens automatically: our voice translator recognizes chosen pair of languages right after you start the conversation
• Offline translator available in case you don't have internet access
• Our translator covers 100+ languages, both written and verbal
• Smart text translator with a voice to text & text to text modes
• Convenient navigation allows you to operate with your translations in one tap
• Voice speed control

Any user uses on-demand grocery delivery app for time-saving features. That’s why integrating the sign-up process with social media accounts is vital. Users can simply sign up through existing social media accounts like Gmail and Facebook. Also, let users create their own profile on the application with limited questions to be answered.

One benefit that you can get here is the free promotion. Whenever a user signs up for the app, his or her friends can see the news feed about it. Also, users can share certain discount coupons or any interesting news directly from the app on their social media accounts.

2. Smart search options:

Here we are not talking about only search options. We are talking about smart search. By integrating social media analytics and Google analytics, developers can track buying preferences of users. Also, you can display certain categories which can help users select items quickly. Every grocery store has thousands of products.

The user should be able to find one tiny product from the list of these thousands of products. If we see how Google search works, we can find the whole system works…


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