7 important Memory studies needed to know

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Petersin and Peterson

Aim: to see if rehersal in necessary to hold information in the short term memory store.

Method: Patisipants were shown sets on three letter words such as GHY, KOP, FTC called trigrams and were then told to cound backwards, out loud in threes from different amount of tims. then they were told to recall them as accuratly as they could.

Resuls: partisipants had forgotten vertuily all of the trigrams after 18 seconds.

Conclution: it is not possibale to hold information in the short term memory store without rehersal.



Aim: to see if partisipants when giving something unfamiliar to learn would alter the information.

Method: Partisipants were told to read a native Amesical storey called 'The war of the Ghost'. Then for several weeks…


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