The first and foremost thing to remember is that valuable lessons can be learned from anywhere and at any time. Students are free-spirited and that’s why whatever lesson they acquire can make a permanent place in their minds. 

These teachings help us to analyze our daily actions and feelings in situations we face. Be it the wrong or the right doings. The virtues we learn allow us to rethink and reevaluate our choices and actions. By awaking your conscious, you can make a lot of things right. This is because it urges you to put effort into your friendships, relationships or assignments and lead a life in the best way you can.

Learning new things is the rationale of life that will also someday become paramount for your success. This is exactly why we have compiled a list of some valuable lessons that every student should understand to perceive good results in life.

*** for tat: 

There are many stories that teach us this moral like - the jackal and a camel story. The lesson we learned from these were *** for tat, you wish bad upon someone and you will receive bad. There are many animated stories available on the internet for this notion to attain a valued life lesson in just 3 minutes. 

Change is inevitable:

This lesson speaks for all the people, who were bad, good, stressed or happy once. Its example can be seen by how kids like to play and run. However, while running they often fall and hurt themselves. The once perfect skin now gets blemished and torn. However, it heals on its own. The lesson we learn is that change is inevitable, no matter its size and impact. It comes and goes like the leaves of the tree that fall and grow again.

If it’s not yours don’t take it:

One of the most valued sentence that helps in the long run. Understand that something isn’t yours to take it if it’s not meant to be. Be it marks, money or a girl. If it’s meant to be yours, it will become yours. If you acquire something hastily by whatever means, it


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