5.1 School registration systems+5.2 Management Information systems

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Using ICT, the attendance registration of school pupils can now take place in numerous different ways:

  • PAPER-BASED- AM/PM marks are logged on a piece of paper by the for tutor and are returned to the attendance office.Paper based are not reliant on computter networks if the computer networks are unavailable.If left unattended, students can change their marks. Mistakes are often difficult/untidy to change.
  • KEYBOAR ENTRY- Marks are typed into the computer by form tutor, marks are stored on a central server.Much easier to produce attendance statistics.There is no need to return paper registers to an attendance office. Teachers are still required to register each pupil rather than pupils registering themselves.
  • OPTICAL MARK RECOGNITION (OMR)- Form tutors log whether pupils are present by shading a box on a sheet of paper for their form. Sheets for different forms are then batched and scanned into the computer. Alot of multiple choice tests are marked using OMR, so the initial cost of purchasing an OMR reader may provide more value for money.Registers are batched processed so they are not 'live' or 'realtime'. Some latecomers would not be registered if they arrived late.
  • SMART CARDS- these cards contain computer chips and can hold


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