3rd Science paper

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ideas about science

the scientific method:

Scientists come up with hypotheses then test them. Evidence can be found that the experiment disagrees with the hypothesis. This is why every hypothesis needs to be tested further.

Different scientists can come up with different explainations. Different scientists can come up with the same observations but come up with different explainations. It's the same with data collecting.

Several scientists will test a hypothesis. Once one person has released a hypothesis, Others will base their own predictions on it and carry out their own experiments. When testing a hypothesis, a scientist might get some unexpected results. Whilst they tend to lead to a change in the hypothesis, they tend to be treated with scepticism until they've been repeated (by the same scientist) and reproduced (by other scientists).

If evidence supports a hypothesis it's accepted. If a hypothesis is backed up by evidence from loads of experiments, scientists start to have confidence in it and accept it as a scientific theory.

Theories can involve different


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