3 Gothic texts

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Intensifier- enhances the emotion-e.g. amazingly, very, extremely etc.

Mitigator-opposite- e.g. a bit, rather, pretty.

Articles- indefinite- an, a- definite-the

Possessive-my, his.

Quantifiers- much, five, no, much, few.

Demonstratives- this, that, these and those.

Determiner- possessive determiner e.g. my, his

Interrogative determiner- which, what

Disjunct- It expresses the speaker or writer's attitude to what is being described in the sentence. Usually ends with 'ly'.

Declarative- making a statement, ending in a full stop.

Exclamatory sentence- heightened emotions.

Interrogative sentence- questioning.

Imperative sentence- commanding or ordering.

"bestowing animation upon lifeless matter"

  • "lifeless"- semantic field of death and decay; 'life'- energy and positivity which juxtaposes with the suffix 'less reflecting an absence, almost sibilant 's'-harshness. Polysyllabic lexis stresses the pointlessness.
  • "bestowing"- dynamic verb juxtaposes with 'lifeless' - rewarding- connotations of bequeathing which increases Victor's status as he is compared with God.
  • "matter"-  abstract noun- semantic field of science- exaggerating Victor's obsession; there is also a dual interpretation- physical substance and it is a pun- importance and significance. This equates to the duality of both Victor and the Creature.

"dash'd the…


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