3. Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins

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  • Describe How Chemical groupings determine the structures of macromolecules.
      • Groups of atoms called functional groups occur in biological molecules.
      • Each functional group has specific chemical properties and when it attaches to a larger molecule it confers the properties onto the larger molecules.
  • Describe How The structures of macromolecules reflect their functions

    • The four kinds of biological macromolecules are present in roughly the same proportions in all living organisms.
    • Each biological macromolecule performs one or more functions.
    • The sequence and chemical properties of the chain of monomers in a macromolecule determine its 3-D shape and function


  • How Do Monomers of proteins link together to make the macromolecule

    • Each amino acid has both a carboxyl function group and an amino functional group attached to the same…


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