3. Antiparticles and Photons

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- EM radiation is the radiation emitted by the EM spectrum.

- Great Xmen Usually Like Indian Moon Rocks (-> Inc Wavelength, <- Dec Frequency)

- Energy only exsists in packets called photons. The energy of this which can be carried is determined by E = hf and since f=speed of light/wavelength

E = hf = hc/l

- Every particle has a corresponding antiparticle (same mass and energy) but opposite charge.

Pair Production:

- When energy is converted to matter, you get an equal amount of matter and antimatter.

- Pair production only occurs if there's enough energy to produce the mass of two particles.

- E.g. when you fire protons at each other, they gain KE and so the KE is converted into a proton and antiproton, provided there's enough KE for both. The same can happen for a photon to electron-positron pair. It is usually this pair which is created since they have a low mass (low mass = low rest energy).

- The min energy needed = twice the rest energy of the particles in


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