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Sportsman's shot, poacher's pot: hunting, local people and the history of conservation.


In 1888 Roosevelt founded the Boone and Crockett Club after having completed a hunting trip in which there were no game to be found. It occurred to him then that prservation and conservation needed to be introduced in Dakota. 

Game began to be seen as a resource to be managed. Elite hunters created an industry of hunting in Africa, leading to the incresing occurance of safaris. The development of photo and film resulted in the take off of visual capturing: people at home could see the animals and landscape without them having to be killed and brought back. 

'There was already a transition from bullets to film as a strategy for the capture of trophies.' This encouraged a more humanitarian view. Soon, national parks came to be associated with viewing rather than hunting. Hunting began to be realised as a threat to nature and not part of the solution to its conservation.

Hunting and exclusion

Private hunting concentrated on land appropriated by the…


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