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PHYSICAL CONTAMINATION(occur in stages in food production)

CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION(unhygienic area in storage so chemicals, pesticides)

MOULD(fungi grow on surface of plants, travel in air, can be used to make food, some produce myotoxins)

VIRUSES(cause disease as destroy living cells, carried by humans, animals, water, sewage, birds)

BACTERIA( single celled, found in; water, air, soil, people, animals. SPOILGE BACTERIA(over time will cause decomposition, affect quality and safety) PATHOGENIC BACTERIA(cause food poisoning, may be igns of spoilage)

FOOD BORNE DISEASE( illness caused by eating food contaminated)

EATING PATHOGENIC BACTERIA(bacteria entre stomach and multiply)

EATING A TOXIN(waste product of bacteria, SYMPTOMS; diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach aches, headaches, sweating)

SOURCES- RAW FOOD(meat, poultry, eggs, chellfish. bacteria live in gut of healthy animals, during slaughter can contaminate the flesh. processing methods can spread through meat)

PEOPLE(on the skin, in wounds, nose and gut. poor hygiene practise e.g. sneezing, smoking, coughing, not washing hands)

PESTS(rodents, insects. they feed and live in dirt, water, faeces. if pest gets near food can transfer bacteris. some have pathogens in their body which is spread in droppings and saliva)

ANIMALS(cattle, sheep, goats can carry pathogens in their intestines)

AIR AND DUST(can be carried in air so food should be covered)

WATER(poor quality drinking water ca carry bacteria, water in food premises…


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