2.4 Webcam and Social Networking Services +2.5 Music and Mobiles

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2.4 Webcams and Social Networking.

A webcam is used to transmit still photos and videos accross the internet. THey have various uses, such as:

  • Communication with friends and family, face to face using the internet. Some webcams also contain microphones so you can hear.
  • Webcams are used in augmented reality games such as the ipet on ps3. They allow you to see yourself on the screen whilst interacting with computer generated characters and objects.

The disadvantages of using webcams are:

  • Inappropriate material. Webcams can be used for pornographic content.
  • Online safety-video chat rooms can be used by paedophiles.

Social Networking sites are used to allow peopl to communicate using the internet. Some typical social networking sites and their uses are:

  • Twitter- a microblogging site to send updates to friends
  • Facebook/MySpace- Enables you to get in touchwith people you have lost contact with via an online messaging service. You can post videos, download music, post images, join groups with similar interests and comment on your friends profiles.

There are many disadvantages to social networking sites:

  • Bullying- social networking sites can be a place where cyber-bullying takes place.
  • Identity…


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