2.3 blurt


the aftermath of the February revolution...

PG- unelected members of the dumas 

temporary nature of the PG took away from their authority 

also failed to fix land secure issues- wanted to wait for CA elections 

+ were slow to organise the elections of CA

wanted to stay in the war with a policy of revolutionary defense - but most of the pop and opposition wanted to leave the war 

DUAL power

PS had the support of army -1st order alleged the army with the soviet -2/3 rep

meant that the PG had to go to the soviet with any issues or policy to get their support 


PG wanted him to declare his war aims to the allies 

sent a note out to the allies declaring that Russia would not seize new territory 

(but attached a secret note saying they would)
this was released to the public by the press

decreased the Russian peoples trust in the PG 

prince lutov gave PS members a larger role in GOV 

Lenin's April thesis 

PEACE LAND BREAD, able to return from exile 

appealed to a war wary pop

feb-jun= 100,000 deseritions 

June offensive 

143,000 dead 

PG and Kerensky had organized to an offensive with the allies - failed massive counter-attack pushed the troops back 150 miles 


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