2.2 Human Computer Interface

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Use of Colour 

  • The colours used should follow corporate colours, colours should not clash
  • Colours should be visable for users who have a sight impediment
  • The colours that are used should be able to trigger the memory of the user
  • The number of colours used should be limited to four per a screen and seven for the whole sequence
  • Colours can be used to code information but the end usrt must be able to understand the code and the colours should match the user's expectations
  • Colours can be used to attract the user's attention. the most effective colours are white, yellow and red


  • All screens oof the HCL should have a consistent layout, following the house style or corporate image of the business
  • The layout should follow that of the original source documents
  • The layout of the information given and that to be input by the user should follow in a logical order
  • The layout should include some white space
  • Information that needs attending to immdiately should always be displayed in a prominent position
  • A consistent layout will enable users to become familiar with the…


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