2.2.1 - DNA & RNA

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DNA introduction:

  • Your DNA contains your genetic information (all instructions needed to grow and develop from a fertilised egg into a fully grown adult) 
  • DNA molecules are very long and coiled up very tightly, so a lot of genetic material can be stored in a small space in the cell nucleus
  • They have a paired structure which makes replication of DNA molecules much easier. This is called self replication. Its important for cell division and for passing genetic information from generation to generation 
  • Contains genes- sections of DNA that code for a specific sequence of amino acids that forms a particular protein
  • The nucleic acid RNA is similar in structure to DNA. Its used to make proteins from the instructions contained within DNA 

Structure of DNA:

  • DNA is a polynucleotide- its made up of lots of nucleotides joined together. Each nucleotide is made from a deoxyribose sugar, a phosphate group and a nitrogen containing base. Each nucleotide has the


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