22 marker plan on the Cold War


During the 1980s the Cold War became more and more dangerous however nearing the nd of the 1980s relations between the USA and ussr looked up and had probably been the best they had ever been since 1945 at yalta.
Reagan played a large role on the lead up to the end of the Cold War. He increased America’s military spending g but this resulted in the cost being so high that the Americans began to struggle. When Gorbachev came to power in the ussr he withdrew soviet troops from Afghanistan and stopped th Brezhnev doctrine. Reagan became a more diplomatic leader and negotiated the 1987 intermediate nuclear forces treaty however he also made a speech in berlin called Gorbachev to tear the wall down.
Although the USA economy was looking up the ussr was close to a total collapse. Gorbachev knew that the ussr could not keep up with usa’s spending because f how low the living conditions were, severe rationing,corruption in communist party meant money was wasted and Afghanistan was far to expensive and industries needed modernising.
These reasons resulted in Gorbachev realising that the ussr needed political a do conomic change if they were to survive the Cold War. Money wa saved by ending the arms race and people were made to speak up about…


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