2013; Biology

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1. Platelets> thromboplastin> prothomboplastin> thrombin

2. Central carbon with R below, H above. N connect to C, 2 Hs connected to the N. C connected to C, double bond O and and H.

3. Peptide bond

4. Fribrinogen is globular and soluble and fibrin is fibrous is insoluble

5. 3 bases= triplet code. Adenine, cytosine, guanine, thymine, codes for one amino acid

6. Semi conservative replication; Hydrogen bonds broken by DNA helicase, the DNA strand separate and are held open by DNA polymerase, mononucleotides line up along side the strand, during complementary base pairing hydrogen bond form between bases during a condensation reaction.

7. D B B A

8. Total cholesterol is not higher with mutation than without, LDL is not higher with mutation than without, HDL is higher with…


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