2) Smart materials


Smart Materials 

Smart materials react to a change in the environment such as temperature, light pressure or electrical input. Reactions include a change in colour, shape or resistance.

Electroluminescent material 

  • Electrominescent wire (EL wire) is made from a thin copper wire core coatede in phosphor powder. It produces a glowing light when exposed to an alteranting current.
  • Electrominescent technology is also found in flexible films or thin panels. The light-emitting phosphor is sandwiched between a pair of conductive electrodes and subjected to an AC current to create light. The brightness depends on the voltage applied. 
  • EL films are replacing LCD displays because they are flexible, do not generate heat and are more reliable.

Quantum tunnelling composite (QTC) 

  • QTC are flexible polymers that contain conductive nickel particles that can be either a conductor of electricity or an insulator. 
  • The nickel particles make contact with each other and are compressed when a force is applied, leading to an increase in conductivity. When the force…


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