1st Date


1st Date

Ideas/ theme - the poet explores the theme of apperence versus reality. this allows the reader to evesdrop on their innermost thoughts. the characters misinterperted themselves. their duplicity cancels out each other.

                        - poet touches on the agony of first love. couples machinations helps the reader link to the typical scenario created by trying to hard to impress.

Language (quotes) - use of repition in both monalogues. the meaning is opposite of what the reader knows to be true. "he is toatally lost in the music" "she is toatally llost in the music" "and quite undestracted by me". it serves to emphisise in a humorus way how the couples are closly matched yet miles apart.

                                 - poet uses specific refersences to not being able to see things clearly to underscore her humorus pouint about the couples misinterpritation of…


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