1980 elections

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1980 Elections

Ronald Reagan (50.8%), Jimmy Carter (41%)

Why did Reagan win?

Reagan: Great Communicator:

Sportscaster: Reagan's four years as a highly successful sportscaster in Iowa gave him experience in captivating an audience.

Hollywood actor: In 1937, Reagan broke into Hollywood movies in 50 movies, learned to give audiences a range of good performances. Gave monologues on politics/society/economics.

Trade union leader (1947): Elected President of the Screen Actors Guild. As a union president, he aquired negotiating skills.

Television star: learned how to boost morale and encourage 700,000 employees to have a sense of identity. Ten minute standing ovation for a speech he did.

Clear Policies:

Wanted to lower taxes (Reaganomics): Proposed a 30% tax cut for the first three years of his Presidency.

The bulk of the cut would be


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