1905 Revolution

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1905 Revolution

Reasons for unrest:

The Towns: The factories in which the majority worked in were ''harsh and uninviting places''-Morrison. The migrants from the countryside were given long hours with poor wages. They were treated badly, reminiscent of the serdom days. The migrant workers already had a violent side to them, so it was not surprising when they started striking. At first it was local until they grew bigger as they formed workers' movements and joined with other revolutionary groups.

The Countryside: land problems:The redemption payments were far too much for the former serfs to handle and they believed this land was rightfully theirs. Furthermore, this land was in great demand due to the explosion in rural population so this land was greatly reduced. A final reason for unrest was the land was poor and whatever they made they had to give away for exporting out to Russia.

The Reformers: ''Modernisation led…


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