1.4 Glossary

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Core workers are employees that are essentially important to a company's operations, they support whatever makes the business distincintive and unique. These type of employees often receive an attractive salary and work environment, they also enjoy a high level of job security. This means that the business cannot operate at its best without them, and their jobs are permanent. 


Peripheral workers are employees that aren't necessarily needed fully in the company, but they are there when some tasks need doing. These type of employees are around on a temporary basis, with often low salaries. Therefore, their level of job security is quite low, as they can easily be replaced. 


Labour turnover is the number of employees that have left a company, as a percentage, in comparison to those employed. 

Outsourcing is where goods can be obtained through an outside supplier. But it can also mean the tasks that are traditionally run by a company's own staff, can be auctioned off to the lowest bidder on a contract. 

Zero-hour contract is where an employee is not guaranteed any work…


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