1.3 Risalah

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1.3 Summary

  • Risalah is the teaching of prophethood
  • The people that communicated with god (the comunication between god and humans)
  • Islam was reveled to Adam (AS) first at the beggining of time
  • When people changed, lost, forgot or delibaratly changed the message Allah sent prophets to guide them back (2:153)
  • the quran names 25 prophets.
  • acorrding to the muslim tradition there are 124,000 (2:136)
  • the most important prophets are called messengers
  • Moses (Musa) is the prophet of the Jews
  • Jesus (Isa) is the prophet of the Christians
  • Muhamad (Muhamad) is the prophet of the Muslims
  • they each recived a book: Jews Torah, Christians Gospel, Muslims Quran
  • Muslims believe that each prophet brought the same religion
  • Every prophet led a good life as an exaple to his


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