12.2 Regualtion of Body Temperature

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Heath can be lost and gained from/too the environment via:

  • Conduction: This is where particles vibrate against each other, and pass kinetic energy between them.
  • Convection: This happens in liquids and gasses and is where the heat causes the object to move, and therefore take the heat with it.
  • Radiation: Electromagnetic waves hit a particle, causing it to heat up. 

Endotherms: Organisms that mainly produce heat from within themselves through metabolic reactions.

Ectotherms: Opposite.


The example I am using is a lizard:

Heat Gain:

  • Lying on a warm rock in order to gain heat through conduction.
  • Lying in direct sunlight.
  • Metabolic reactions.
  • In cooler countries, they have darker skin in…


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