1.1 Data, Information and Knowledge+1.2 Validation and Quality of Data

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The terms data, informationand knowledge are used to describe things which are stored on a computer. 

  • Data is raw facts or figures. Data has no meaning and can be a set of random words or numbers. Data can be readings from sensors or survey facts, etc.
  • Information is data that has been processed to give it meaning. The data is no longer a useless set of words or numbers. It now means something.
  • Knowledge is information when a rule or set of rules has been applied to it. A conclusion has been drawn from the information.

GIGO means Garbage In, Garbage Out. IF something wrong is input into a computer system, then something wrong will be output once it has been processed. If someone accidentally misses off a zero when entering the race times into a spreadsheet, the printout will say that the race winner took 6 seconds, not 60 seconds, to win the race.

When garbage is input and processed, garbage is output. 


Validation checks are used to ensure that only senesible data is entered into a computer. You will be entering data which is validation checked in nearly…


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