1.1.: Inside the atom

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Atoms recap

  • They consist of protons, neutrons & electrons
  • Protons are psoitively charged, neutrons have no charge (neutral) & electrons are negatively charged
  • They contain an equal number of protons & electrons
  • The central nucelus consist of nucleons (protons & neutrons), electrons orit around it in shells
  • Protons & neutrons have an equal relative mass of 1, an electron's relative mass is aproximately 1/1840.
  • The plum pudding model was used as of 1897 (and was created by Thomson), Rutherford later changed this to the nucleaur model in 1912 after his alpha particle scattering experiment. Bohr made later changes in 1913.

Observations & conclusions made by Rutherford

Observation: Most of the alpha particles went through the gold sheet

Conclusion: Atoms are mostly…


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