1.1 Infrared Radiation

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Infrared Radiation - Is a type of heat Transfer

Examples of this include:

  • Placing your hand next to something hot
  • A sunny days out. (Heat is traveling through the vacuum by an electromagnetic wave. The heat is absorb by your body, and dected through your skin)

Other Types of heat transfer include:

  • conduction
  • convection
  • condensation
  • evaparation
  • Radiation

All these require particles for heat transfer. However infrared Radiation does NOT.

Infrared radiation travels through a vacuum through an electionmagnetic wave.

Infared Radiation

  • Its is part of an elecromagnetic spectrum
  • ALL ojects absorbs heat
  • ALL object emit heat
  • The temperature affects how much heat is emitted.
    • The hotter the object the more heat it emits.
  • The colour


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