Zoellas audience


Target Audience

  • ages 12-25
  • audience demographics C1C2DE
  • South West british british individuals may identify with her because that's where she's from 
  • mainstrem makeup guru
  • mental health ambassador for anxiety, people with anxiety may relate to her
  • most of her audience cater for a stereotypically feminine audience (fashion, beauty, lifestyle)
  • her videos gereally address a variety of audiences, with videos on anxiety addressing a teenage audience, and some target an older audience with more money, EG her advertorial video with benefit, a high end makeup brand 
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collaboration videos

Collaboration Videos

  • collaberation videos allow views, subscribers and audiences to increase. Zoella can be seen in : Bake off, teen awards, loose women, other youtube channels
  • This increases subscribers for both channels if they have similar content.
  • this links to richard Dyers Star Identity theory
  • Tanyaand zoella both have similar audiences which will increase fan bases of both individuals due to star appeal
  • Para-social interaction is high here, they involve the audience as if they were there
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Logo and homepage blog


  • Rose gold connotes fashion, luxury, wealth, trend
  • typography; sans serif; hand written, signature, authentic, personal connection, attractive to audience
  • Tagine 'Life, beauty and chats'= friendly informal, truth and authenicity


  • pale pinks, sereotypically feminine. pastel allows nautrality and is on trend, appeals to the mainstream audience
  • articles based on beauty, personal info and crafts; appealing to a large audience. Also relatable content, refer to peronal info. 
  • photography is professional, but canded shots, connotes authenticity and casuality. Friendly persona is conveyed in images, an ordinary individual
  • langage used is simplistic and allows easy reading for all ages and demographic
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example video: Everyday winter makeup

Example video: everyday winter make up

  • Addresses the audience directly, breaking the fourth wall; 'what are your thoughts?' parasocil interaction
  • mise-en-scene is appropriate for target audience; fairy lights and in her bedroom with a warm colour scheme
  • intertextuality: fairy lights are on her blog and on trend which will target her mainstream audience
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