Yr 8 History revision

  • Gunpowder plot
  • Causes and events of Civil War
  • Aftermath of war and Cromwell
  • Restoration
  • Fire and Plague

Gunpowder Plot

  • it was on 5th November 1605 and was a plot carried out by English Catholics to kill James I
  • the plan was the idea of Robert Catesby, a catholic
  • they were going to blow up the house of parliament when James was going to give a speech
  • they rented a celler that went under the House of Lords
  • they elected Guy Fawkes to set off the powder
  • at 7o'clock on 4 November a letter was given to Lord Monteagle by a man in the street which was telling him not to go to the opening of parliament
  • the letter was written by Francis Treshman.
  • He told Cecil the Chief Minister who told the king.
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Gunpowder Plot

  • on 4th November the celler was search but nothing was found except wood and coal
  • they searched again that evening and they found the gunpowder
  • they errested someone called John Johnson who admitted that he was Guy Fawkes
  • He confessed about the plot on 8th November
  • all the people in the plot were all found and found guilty of treason
  • some were shot dead like Catesby and Percy, others were executed.
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