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  • Population and Development
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Population and Development


Density is the measurment of the number of people in a certain area. It is the average number. It is calculated by dividing the number of people by area. 


Distribution is the pattern where people live across a certain area. Everywhere is uneven. Asia has 60% of the world Population, N. America has 5%

Population Pyramids

Population pyramids show if the population is steady. It also shows the Birth and death rate. The UK has a controlled population (Low birth rate, Low death rate, this is because we are a MEDC) whereas India has a high birth rate and high death rate.  


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Population and Development

Reasons why the UK passed through the Demographic Transition Model

  • Planned families which means controlled population
  • Good health care
  • Women changed there status
  • Birth Rate and Death Rate are both low

Difference between MEDC and LEDC


  • Low Birth rate
  • Education
  • Ageing population
  • Immagration
  • Old Peoples Homes 
  • Health Care


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Population and Development


  • Over Populated
  • Life Expectancy under 70
  • Rapidly increasing population
  • 1/2 of population is youths

Problems Facing LEDC'S

Health- People will die without

Education- No education means in later life it will be hard to find a job

Safety- Many children die due to Tribal Wars

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