Youth Groups

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Youth Groups for Boys and Girls


10-14 years old
Deutsches Jungvolk - DJ
German Young People

14-18 years old
Hitler Jugend - HJ
Hitler Youth


10-14 years old
Jungmadelbund - JM
League of Young Girls

14-18 years old
Bund Deutscher Madel - BDM
League of German Girls

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Hitler Youth Groups Facts

  • You experienced outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.
  • You had to swear an oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer.
  • At 14, girls joined the League of German Girls (BDM).
  • By 1932 there were 108,000 members of the Hitler Youth.
  • The Hitler Youth Law was passed in 1936 and stated that all youths should belong to the Hitler Youth.
  • Joining became compulsory in 1939.
  • By 1939, there were 7.3 million members of The Hitler Youth.
  • The aim of BDM was to prepare girls for motherhood.
  • Emphasis in the HJ and BDM was placed upon physical fitness, group activities and obedience to the Nazi party.
  • The aim of the HJ was to prepare boys for military service and to be strong, future leaders of Germany.
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How did Young People React to the Hitler Youth

  • Many young people liked the feeling of importance.
  • Lots of youths resented the fact their old youth groups were banned.
  • Alternative youth groups ambushed the Hitler Youth patrols and beat them up.
  • Some girls resented the fact they were 'trained' to be housewives and mothers at such a young age.
  • Lots of youths wanted to listen to Jazz, tryout new fashions and hairstyles, smoke and drink alcohol. All these activities were banned in the Hitler Youth.
  • Alternative youth groups appeared across Germany, e.g. The Edelweiss Pirates, The Navajos Gang etc.
  • Many youths disliked the strict regimentation - being told what to do and when to do it.
  • Many young people enjoyed the excitement of Hitler Youth, e.g. camping, hiking, weapons training etc.
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Popular Features of the Hitler Youth


  • Sharp new uniforms.
  • Free badges.
  • Free gifts for joining.
  • A chance to socialise.


  • Enjoyed the war games.
  • Camping trips were fun.
  • Activities like mountain climbing.
  • Shooting practice was also a pull factor.


  • Sport and fitness enjoyable.
  • Aerobic classes were fun.
  • Cookery classes did appeal to many young girls.
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Unpopular Features of the Hitler Youth


  • Attendence was compulsory from 1939 when war broke out.
  • It was annoying for those members who had other activities to do.


  • Too much stress on creating soldiers from a young age.
  • Daily 12 mile marches were exhausting.
  • Only 25% of boys had joined freely before 1939.


  • Too much stress placed on creating good mothers from a young age.
  • Some poked fun at BDM often calling it 'the League of German Milk Cows'.
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