Year 9 KS3 Biology

3 topics for KS3 Biology...

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Word= Carbon dioxide+water=(through sunlight & Chlorophyll)=glucose+oxygen

Symbol= 6CO2+6H2O=C6H12O6 + 6O2

4 things needed... 1)Sunlight 2) Chlorophyll 3)Water 4)CO2

4 Factors affect... 1) Light- the more light, the faster the rate of Photosynthesis

 2) Water- too little water makes photosynthesis slow down

3) Temperature- The ideal temp for photosyntheis to take place is around 30oC, it will continue to work up until around 40oC, But once above 40oC it slows down bigstyle,

4) CO2 levels- if a parrafin (heated oil) is burned in a greenhouse the Co2 levels rise and so does the rate of photosynthesis- which increases growth...

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