Year 7 science

  • Cells
  • Plant cells
  • Animal cells
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animal cells

  • irregular shape
  • contains cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus
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diagram of cells

Animal and plant cells both have a cell membrane, cytoplasm, and a nucleus. Plant cells also have chloroplasts, a vacuole and a cell wall. (

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plant cells

  • have regular shape
  • contains cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus
  • and chloroplasts, vacuole, cell wall
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functions of cell parts

  • cell membrane: controls what substances can get in and out of the cell
  • cytoplasm:jelly-like substance, were chemical reactions happen
  • nucleus: controls what happens inside the cell carries genetic information.
  • chloroplast: where photosynthesis happens, cloroplasts contain a green substance called chloropyll
  • vacuole:contains a liquid called cell sap, which keeps the cell firm.
  • cell wall:made of a tough substance called cellulose, which supports the cell
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