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Yalta Conference


February 1945

Leaders Present:

Stalin(USSR); Roosevelt(USA); Churchill(UK)


Germany-To be defeated then disarmed; split into four zones of occupation; pay reparations

E.Europe-All countries allowed free elections to choose how they were to be governed.

Poland-Free elections; eastern frontier to be restored 

USSR-Join war against Japan 3 months after Germany were defeated 

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The Potsdam Conference

  • When?July 1945
  • Who? Stalin;Truman;Churchill(17-25July); Atlee(25July-1August)
  • Decisions:
  • Nuremberg war crimes tribunal set up 
  • Occupation zones finalised
  • Reparations allowed in form of industrial plant
  • Germans from 'Greater' Ge rmany repatriated 


  • Western suspicions about Soviet influence in Eastern Europe
  • More Germans than expected repatriated
  • Possibility of the use of the atom bomb became closer to reality
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