Yalta 1945

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Yalta 1945

Decisions made:

1⃣Germany would be divided into 4 zones
2⃣ Berlin would be divided similarly
3⃣ UN organisation was formally ratified
4⃣ USSR gained land from Poland
5⃣ declaration on liberated Europe was agreed

There were signs at yalta that the grand alliance would collapse. The US wanted to rebuild Germany & re- educate them as a democratic state but these views co conflicted with the USSR.

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Potsdam July 1945

1⃣Day before Potsdam: first successful atomic bomb had been used.
2⃣Truman saw the atomic bomb as advantage and believed that it would ensure that Stalin would remain loyal to his terms at yalta
3⃣ there was no official agreements at the conference. There was no long-term sustained agreement that would keep the future of Germany secure.

✔️ Germany what is to be completely disarmed & demilitarised
✔️ de nazification- all former Nazi party members to be removed from public office
✔️ decentralisation of the political system was to be undertaken
✔️ freedom of speech and free press was to be restored as was religious just tolerance
✔️ Germany was to become a single economic unit
✔️ USSR was to receive reparations from its german zone & 25% from western zones

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