Xylem & Phloem


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  • xylem transports water and mineral ions
  • long tube-like structures
  • provides a scaffolding
  • no end walls
  • dead - no cytoplasm
  • walls thickened with lignin - increases with age
  • water and ions move in and out through pits - no lignin
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  • transports sloutes like sugars
  • purely for transport
  • contains phloem fibres, seive tube elements and companion cells

Seive Tube Elements

  • living cells
  • joint end to end
  • the seives have lots of holes to allow solutes through
  • no nucleus
  • thin layer of cytoplasm
  • few organells

Companion Cells

  • a campoin cell for each sieve tube element - can't survive without them 
  • provide the energy for the active transport of solutes
  • carry out the living functions for themselves and the seive tube elements
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