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The Balkan Wars 1912-1913

  • The Balkans are a very poor area of south-easten Europe
  • The Turkish empire was very weak. It suffered from increasing corruption and the rise of nationalism among many of the countries 
  • Serbia wannted to unite the Slavs in the region and was angry
  • Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro formed the Balkan legue and attacked the Turkish empre in 1912
  • The Turks were Beaten easily and were driven out of the Balkan area and forced to give up their land 
  • In 1913 the Blkan legue quaralled Bulgaria went to war with Greece and Serbia 
  • Turkey and Romania joined the Greek and Serbian side 
  • Bulgaria was soon defeated losing land to all of the counties
  • In both these wars Britain tried to keep the peace- instead of supporting Russia who were on Serbia's side.Germany saw this as a sign that the Triple Entente was weak 


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Bosnian Crisis 1908-1909

  • Austria-Hungary had been given control of Bosnia by an 1978 treaty 
  • They then made a deal with Russia saying if they supported this treaty they could then then get their warships through Turkish boarders and into Russia 
  • This did'nt happen as other powers stood against it but Austria-Hungary went along with it 
  • Russia protested but Germany stoodby Austria-Hungary as they were allies 
  • Russia moblized their army but was not strong enough to defeat both Austria-Hungary and Germnay 
  • This left Russia feeling angry and humiliated 


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