Wrting to persuade

5 steps to writing to persuade

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1.Make sure your language is polite

2. Make your positive points are personal  =  E.g. ' We all believe that individuality is improtant' by using the 'we' it makes it sound as if your readers agree with you already.

3. Use rhetorical questions = E.g. ''Is this sort of thing acceptable in our society?''

4. Use loaded language  = (exaggerated language) to emphasise your point. E.g. ''School uniforms are a crime ; all they do is cause havoc and make everyone look alike!''

5. Keep your writing ''punchy''  Use lists of 3 so you can emphasise your point better, instead of just 1 describing word in a sentence, use 3. It stresses the point that you are making. E.g. The development of a European single policy is an expensive, time-consuming and unworkable nightmare. This is much better then just saying:''The development of a European single policy is expensive and time-consuming ''

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thanks, really helpful :)  didn't understand persuade v well before :)



very helpful



good :) you have to look at mine if you want a funny version!!!!!!!!! :D

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