Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe

How to write to Inform, expain and Describe.

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Writing to Inform

Think About:

  • Is it clear and straightforward
  • Layout and Structure
  • What the reader needs, wants, would like, or ought to know
  • Audience,style, content, tone and topic.

Information needs to be:

  • Relevant to the readers needs
  • provided in a suitable manner and tine
  • Open, balanced and trustworthy


Who, What, Where, When, and How

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Writing to Describe

Think About:

  • What can be felt
  • What can be seen
  • What can be touched
  • What can be smelt
  • What can be tasted

A good structure is crucial, describe location by location, "in the sky", "over there"

Make sure:

  • It is vivid and original
  • Lots of adjectives are used
  • It's engaging and interesting
  • You write about the past, avoid the present
  • Make the reader feel they are "there"

Use similies and metaphors

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Writing to Explain

Think About:

  • Audience and purpose
  • Making it clear and honest
  • Make sure it's balanced

If you are explaining you are giving more than just a detail or fact, you MUST justify, develop and give a reason for it. 

It must be:

  • Lively                                                Use a wide range of Vocab!
  • Balanced
  • Truthful

Make sure:

  • Points are supported
  • Prehaps use an ancedote
  • Involve the reader
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Phew!! Thanks very much Molly I needed that :)

Aneesah Sharif


Good stuff! I have AQA Papaer 2 tomorrow and hopefully this will help a lot. Thanks :)



is that all the revision we can do for writing to describe? dont get me wrong it is good what you have told us there but is that all there is to it? :D



Thanks,,,thats really helpfull.

hopefully il remember it tomorrow in the exam. x

Wendy Asumadu


thank you got an exam paper 2 english exam tomorrow it helped

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