Writing to Describe

Tips on writing to describe on the english language paper 2 section B

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Form, Tone and Content

Usually a formal tone as it allows more sophisticated answers.

Adjectives and adverbs help to describe the picture

Precise Nouns e.g. dog instead of animal

Powerful Verbs e.g. He screamed at the top of his voice

Write to the senses; touch, smell, taste, hear, see' + 6th sense

Build atmosphere with figurative language

3rd person is usually used, but 1st can be appropriate for reflecting back on a memory etc.

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Paragraphing and Using Connectives

Use establishing paragraphs to set the scene and build a clearer description as it makes the reading easier.

Topic sentences can be used to show the main focus of each paragraph.

Start a new paragraph each time you start describing a new or different scene to break up what could become large paragraphs.

Connectives can help guide the reader through a scene helping them to picture the images, atmosphere, emotions etc.

Use short, or one linned paragraphs to draw attention to key details.

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Sentences and Punctuation

Long sentences can help build up really detailed images and provide pace.

Short sentences can create enphisis and impact to attract attention as they are usually read quickly.

Creating lists, repetition, etc can help emphesise a point.

Rhetorical questions make the reader think and imagine our feelings and emotions.

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