Writers Craft- English Language

writing techniques for the 'writers craft' part of the exam 


Writers Craft techniques- Writing Triplets

Five quick steps to exam sucess- 

1) P.A.F

2) Five points 



5) Proofread 

1) P.A.F 

P=Purpose= What it's written for 

A= Audience=Who it's written for 

F=Form= Format 

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2) Five Points

2) Five Points 

Find Five points for your argument or persuasion-

As messy as you like: no one's going to see them! List or use a spider diagram, it's your choice.

Be quick- it's only a list- make bullet points and expand on them later 

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3) Order

3) Order 

Find the best order for these points 

Remember- you want a big opening to catch attention and an ending with impact! 

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4) A Forest - Go through a forest 

A- ANECDOTES- A personal experience & story as proof 

F- FACTS- Know any?Borrow from text your given in the exam or invent them!

O- OPINION- Strong Words 'It is outrageous' 

    QUESTIONS-   Express powerfully-not too many- remember the question mark

E- EXAMPLE &                                                                                                               EXPERTS - Give examples as support. Invent an expert and quote eg professor Jane Morris of Oxford Unversity says, 'it...

S- STATISTICS- Invent! E.G 'In a recent survey survey conducted by York University, 75%...'

T- TRIPLES- Lists of three- maybe alliteration? E.G 'It's is Cruel, Callous and Criminal to...'  

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5) Proofread

5) Proofread

Check spelling, full stops, other punctuation, paragraphs, vocabulary and anything else before it costs you marks.

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