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  • only used in the orthodox church
  • holy pictures specifically painted to represent Christ, Mary or one of the saints
  • orthodox faith believe the image is filled with a small bit of spirit the person represents
  • it's thought that if you pray to it you will come in direct contact with the icon
  • an iconostasis is a screen containing lots of icons
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Worship meaning

Worth-ship meaning how much something means to you

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The Rosary

  • 10 Hail Mary's and 1 Our Father
  • means crown of roses
  • creed on the crucifix
  • aid of worship for Roman Catholics
  • beads called decades
  • the 'glory be' is said on the single bead which comes into the circle
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Liturgical worship

  • God is present in the Eucharist for Catholics
  • follows a rite fixed pattern
  • as people arrive they are given books that contain the rite used week by week
  • church of England
  • Anglican church
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  • 3D figures that represent Jesus, Mary or one of the saints
  • Catholics do not pray to statues, they uses them as a reminder of the person and the love of God
  • some people light candles in front of the statues
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Public worship

  • in mass
  • brings everyone together
  • all Catholics are together in the body of Christ
  • stronger type of prayer
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Private worship

  • personal communication
  • meditation and focusing on a particular object to pray
  • done in silence
  • no distractions
  • peaceful
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Non- liturgical worship

  • does not rely on books or set forms or service
  • can be structures using the bible
  • God is present in the bible
  • Quakers
  • Methodists
  • baptists
  • evangelical
  • benefits are that it gives a great sense of the Holy Spirit at work
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The bible in worship

  • to help understand our religion
  • to read Jesus' life and stories
  • in mass
  • receive the word of God
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The bible in public worship

  • when Christians come together to praise God it nearly always include passages from the bible
  • Christians believe that the bible is the inerrant word of God and listening will being them closer to him
  • the bible itself speaks of the power and importance and the word of God
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The bible in private worship

  • relating to God: the bible helps individuals pray of their own
  • people base their prayers on passages from the bible
  • the teachings of Jesus: the bible includes the teachings of Jesus to show the believers the best way to God
  • the psalms: they reflect different situations that people find themselves in and how they have found hope in God
  • other uses: passages can be selected by people in meditation
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Roles of Mary

  • Protestant church do not believe that Mary is any different from other women
  • the orthodox church looks to Mary like they do other saints. She is the object devotion and her painting and icons help them to worship her
  • the Catholic church gives Mary a central role in the belief and worship. It is thought that the son of God came into history
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Assumption of Mary

  • Catholics and orthotox believe this
  • her body and soul were taken up to heaven
  • Mary assumed to heaven and did not decay in the tomb
  • Catholic church celebrates this on August 15th
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Mary as the immaculate conception

  • Catholics believe that Mary was free from sin when she was in her mothers womb
  • Mary was free from sin since birth
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Mary was a virgin

  • If Jesus was born though natural human he would be nothing more than a human
  • when angel Gabriel told Mary she was going to have a baby
  • though the Holy Spirit
  • the virgin birth of Jesus shows that jesus is true God
  • Catholics believe that Mary remained a virgin
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Speaking in tongues

  • people believe that it is the voice of God and Holy Spirit taking though their body
  • they believe that they have no control over what they are saying
  • heavenly language
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Charismatic worship

  • people believe in God becuase they experience him though worshipping him
  • Christians believe they are filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Pentecost
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What happens during charismatic worship?

  • singing
  • praying out loud
  • speaking in tongues
  • raising arms in the air
  • uncontrollable tears and shaking
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What do people experience during charismatic worsh

  • people feel Gods presence and power
  • people experience that they depend on God and show God they love him and need him
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