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Worship & Prayer

Worship- showing respect & value for God

Worhsip is:

  • communciating with God
  • reading the bible
  • prayer
  • humans are created to worhsip
  • giving something worth
  • placing value upon something

Can be shown by:

  • paintings
  • candles
  • story telling
  • from liturgies, scripture and through songs and hymns
  • relgious buildings
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Private Worship

Christians pray alone to:

  • give private time to God
  • to persoannly communicate alone with him with no distractions
  • helps people feel less alone & that God is in control of their life


  • confession
  • adoration
  • praise
  • asking God for guidance

Reasons to pray:

  • meditate
  • asking for comfort
  • give thanks, asking for help, following Jesus' example
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Aids to Worship

PURPOSE- to help christians maintain concentration when worshipping or praying

RC use statues

  • As a reminderof the person and love of God
  • able to concentrate
  • asks saint to pray with them or for them
  • lights candle as expression of offering prayers to God
  • St Anthony- pray to him for healings or if they los something

Orthodox use icons

  • icon is a holy picture painted with special type of paint
  • helps believer link to the person represented 
  • icon is filed with spirit of person
  • when you pray to icon, you come into direct contact with that person
  • orthodox churches have an inconostasis
  • often they burn candles or oil lamps infront of icons
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The Rosary and Meditation

RC use rosary when they pray to 

  • focus on prayer through the repetitive nature
  • don't have to think of the prayer so can focus more on what they are praying about
  • as a starting point for meditation
  • Rosary is split into decades which commemorate an important event in the life of Jesus and Mary- helps RC to reach into the heart of these important events

MEDITATION- being silent & thoughtful in the presence of God

  • focusing on a particular object or thought
  • helps the person concentrate
  • enables the person to get to the deeper aspects of life
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Public Worship

Public Worship- christians gathering together to praise God

Liturgical Worship- church service which follows a set text or ritual

Non- liturgical Worship- a service which does NOT follow a set text or ritual

Structured Worship- worship which follows a fixed patten e.g. mass has a clear set structure


  • christians come togther to worship God to show that they are the body of christ & need eachother
  • it makes prayer life easier
  • RC should attend mass evry sunday as an offering to God to remind themsleves to support others & help those in need
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Liturgical Worship

  • follows a fixed patten, a set order found in prayer book/ missal
  • mass has clear structure but there is some room for variation
  • hlep speople to feel at home in the service
  • remains unchanged- sense of tradition like earlier christians
  • full of symbolism- worhsippers understand the symbolism


  • follows fixed patten so whatever church you go in, it is the same
  • helps people to feel at home
  • its what the earlier christians did - must have true value and we should keep tradition


  • its repetitve and boring- hardley ever chnages
  • words lose meaning as they are just being remebered and recited
  • people who may go may not understand what priest is talking about- language used is outdated and old
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Non- Liturgical Worship


  • does not have a set order of service written down or in a prayer book
  • everyone has a say about what happens- makes people feel included and welcome
  • happy atmosphere- there is singling and music
  • easy to understand and more enjoyable


  • all churches do different things- so may feel out of place at a servic you have never been before
  • music could be a distraction and take away the meaning of worhsip and prayer
  • lack of ritual and symbolism - people won't understand its true meaning
  • not traditional
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Spontaneous Worship

  • worship has no set structure but allows woshippers to do or say whatever feels right at the time
  • worshippers believe they are guided by the holy spirit


  • can be done both in public or private
  • follows the advice of St. Paul in the bible
  • allows the holy spirit to work through people


  • actions in meetings seem undignified
  • intimdating preacher takes meaning away from worship
  • people may feel awkward and out of place if it is their first time and they don't know what to do
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Impact of Public Worship on RC


  • commandt of God, christ and the church
  • church speaks with authority through Jesus
  • people come together to worship God
  • receive holy communion( jesus is real food for the soul)- remebers last supper "do this in memory of me"
  • pass on grace and strength from mass onto children
  • get a relationship with God 
  • keep sabbath day holy 


  • helps us to recognise that noon eis alone when they pray
  • mass is the highest form of prayer
  • individual needs communal prayer to keep their own prayer life alive
  • receivng eucharist every week can strengthen relationship with Jesus
  • feel you belong to a family and have a sense of community to help support you in difficult times
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Use of Bible in Private Worship

  • meditation- reflecting on what the passage means that day

Quietly reflecting leads to a open mind HOWEVER can be boring, may feel alone or can't concentrate

  • teachings of Jesus

Shows the best ways to God & gains awareness of how to repsond to God HOWEVER not always relevant in every day life

  • extracts from bible as prompts to help them relate to the presense of God in their lives

Helps believers find situations where God has helped them and is a source of comfort HOWEVER may not always relevant & may feel far from God if can't find anything

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Use of Bible in Private Worship cont.

  • closeness of God

Holding bible may help to feel phsyically near to God & words give comfort, help focus and remove any tensions

  • psalsms

Reflects on many situations people find themselves in + there is a psalm for every situation and can give comfort and strength

  • decision making- God inspired choice and guides to solutions

God inspires them to make a choice + will guide them through solution. Puts trust in God and allows God control of your life HOWEVER may not be relevant or useful

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Beliefs about Mary the Mother of God

  • gave birth to Jesus + cared for him
  • her role is centered on her accepting God's invitation
  • she accepted even after questioning how it was possible - show faith in God
  • the virgin birth points to the fact Jesus is true man and true God
  • Jesus had to be fully human so he could defeat evil
  • mother of God- Jesus was God made man
  • mary remained a virgin by totally dedicating herself to the will of God
  • role model to all christians
  • Mary is the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church
  • Mary stood by the cross and experienced the pain of her dying son
  • she is a model of faithfulness
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The Role of Mary

  • Commitemnt to the will of God-accepted the will of god at annunciation and put her trust in Him
  • Restraint in sexual activity- remained virgin, christians should respect their body and not have sex outside of marriage
  • life without sin- mary was conceived without orginal sin, christians should do their best to please God
  • the perfect mother- cared for Jesus despite the problems, protected her child and brought him up in knowledge of God
  • focus for prayer- taught Jesus how to pray and live accordingly to God
  • Faith in Jesus- told servents at wedding of cana to do what Jesus wanted,christians hsould pass message onto others and respond to the will of God
  • supporting the sufering- stood at food of cross, we should share with those in need
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Use of Bible in Public Worship

  • by listening to what God has to say- one can come closer to God


  • liturgy of the world- 2 readings one from OT and one from NT- chosen to help believers focus on the way God has guided his people in the past and how to learn from these experiences
  • 3 yr cycle read aloud so everyone can hear about what God has shown about himself
  • sermon/ homily explain the message of the scriptures


  • services centred on passages from the bible
  • chosen by minister to focus on a particular theme
  • followed by sermon, minister exaplins biblical passages and how their message might affect christians today
  • sharing the world of God is more important than sharing the communion celenration for many
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