World at Risk case studies - Geography AS - Disaster hotspots

This set of cards is for a quick overview of two geography AS case studies for the World at Risk topic.

The case studies are on the Philippines and California.

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California (MEDC)

California (MEDC)

  • West Coast, USA.
  • Geophysical hazards.
  • Transform plate boundary.
  • San Andreas Fault.
  • Pacific Plate and North American Plate.

Examples of hazards in California:

  • Earthquakes (E.g. San Fransisco 1906 - 7.8 richter scale).
  • Landslides - Made worse by building on hills and more storms.
  • Forest Fires - Dry summers increases risk of these.
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Philippines (LEDC)

  • Located in South East Asia.
  • Hazards - Geophysical and Hydro-meteorological.
  • Small islands are more vulnerable to storms and floods.
  • Destructive plate boundary - Eurasian plate & Indo-Australian plate.
  • Storms, flooding and hurricanes particularly focused on Luzon (North Island).
  • Volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides focused on Luzon and South-East Island.
  • Manila observatory located on Luzon (looks at damage limitation, seismology etc.)
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