World Games: Impacts

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World Games: Impacts on Individuals

  • Training intensity increases
  • More media attention for the athlete
  • More funding opportunities
  • High pressure and stress
  • Inspires younger generation
  • Can trigger violence
  • Increased work load for coaches
  • Role models
  • They gain pride and satisfaction from representing their country or nation and spectators can feel pride in their country
  • They strive to meet the expectations of family, peers and coaches
  • Make money from being a professional performer
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World Games: Impacts on country

  • Improves tourism
  • Many countries place significant emphasis on being successful- competitive sport is part of this culture
  • This can be demonstrated by:
  • The resources that are dedicated to sport
  • The impact the national success or failure has on the nations mood
  • The levels of support the team receive
  • International teams or players that do well become heroes
  • Sport can unify the country
  • Many nations seek out major competitions because of the money it will bring
  • This investment can lead to development of sports facilities, which will boost participation
  • Helps boost the general infrastructure
  • Could leave them in debt
  • May not be in the right location to use in the future
  • Construction delays can cause reputation damage for country
  • Poor media coverage of event
  • Litter, pollution, congestion etc
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World Games: Impacts on Government

  • Puts country in good political position
  • People invest in your country
  • Increase in participation can relieve stress on NHS
  • A government will support a bid if they believe it to bring in long term benefits to the country
  • A government may also be keen to host a large event to demonstrate the effectiveness of its political philosophy
  • Embarrassment from protests
  • Popularity effects what party people vote for
  • 1936 – Nazi ideology at the Olympics
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