worksheets, workbooks, rows, columns, cells and range

notes on the above for chapter 4 ocr AS IT

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  • large grid of cells on a single sheet
  • can be given names
  • single page in a workbook
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  • collection of worksheets that make up one spreadsheet
  • contains all information whilst worksheets contain information about a specific area
  • can be given different access rights to each worksheet or different areas of a spreadsheet
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  • range of cells that run horizontally across the spreadsheet
  • indentified by numbers
  • if a row is deleted then it is automatically renumbered
  • rows can be hidden from the user
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  • range of cells that run vertically down the page
  • identified by letters
  • if a column is deleted then it is relettered automatically
  • columns can be hidden from the user
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  • data store- holds data
  • identified by the row and column they are in such as D4
  • each cell has a unique address and can be given names to identify them
  • each cell can be formatted individually (background colour, font, text size etc.)
  • conditional formatting can be applied, the format of a cell changes if the contents meets certain requirements. for example, if a number is entered as negative then it turns red
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  • group of cells
  • identified by cell references and name
  • given from top left to bottom right of the page
  • ranges that contain similar data are used in formulas and functions
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