Working Praticies

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Data Protection Act

1) Data must be kept secure (password)

2) Data can be accessed and changed by the individual if wrong

3) Data must only be used for the purpose of which it was collected for

4) Data must not be shared to a third party unless permission is given

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Children's Act

1) CRB checks for staff who work with children

2) Staff are qualified 

3) Controlled access for adults 

4) Correct staff to child ratio

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Food Safety Act

1) Food must be stored and prepared correctly

2) Food must be labelled and show content

3) Food is fit for consumption

4) Staff are trained in hygiene

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Fire Safety

1) They need a fire safety certificate 

2) Train staff on fire safety

3) Records on fire safety kept

4) Fire drills held

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Working Time Regulations

1) At least 24 hrs off in any 7 day period

2) Paid annual leave

3) Health assessments for night workers 

4) No more than 8 hrs per day on average

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COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

1) Chemicals must be stored correctly 

2) Chemicals must be correctly labelled

3) Employers must ensure protection from hazardous substances for workforce/ public

4) Staff should follow correct procedures when dealing with chemicals

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Workplace Regulations

1) Workstations must be right height

2) Where conditions are uncomfortable appropriate clothing should be given 

3) Ventilation and lighting must be adequate for comfort of staff

4) Adequate provision of restrooms for staff

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Health and Safety at Work Act

1)Employers have a duty of care towards employees

2) Staff are trained to use equipment properly 

3) Safety procedures must be agreed and practiced 

4) Compulsory to have a safety officer

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First Aid

1) They need a suitabley stocked first aid kit

2) Appoint a qualified first aider

3) Correct first aiders to people ratio

4) First aid kit must be regularly checked

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