Working Model of Memory

Questions and answers te the working model of memory

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Working Model of Memory Questions

1) Who was it created by?
2) What are the 4 parts of the model?
3) Explain each part?
4) Give two advantages of the model?
5) give two disadvantages of the model?

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Working Model of Memory Answers

1) Baddeley and Hitch

2) Central executive, Articilatory loop, Primary acoustic store and Visio- spatial sketchpad

3) Central executive – Controls the whole system

Articilatory loop – stores information of an acoustic form for a short period of time

Primary Acoustic Store – Holds and receives auditory info

Visio-spatial sketchpad – visual and spatial information

4) Capable of doing more than one task at a time & PET scans show 4 different areas if the brain are active during different STM processing
5) We no little about the central executive the capacity has never been measured & much evidence of the working model comes from laboratory experiments rather than real life situations so it lacks ecological validity.

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