Working Memory Model

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describe and evaluate the MSM breif

Atkinson and shiffon (1968)

Sensory memory - recieves information from environment / extremly limited duration and capacity, encoding (conrad 1964) 


stm - short duration (1-30s) and small capacity ( 7+/-2 miller)


LTM - unlimited capacity and everlasting duration 

  • historically important,first model of memory - allows psychologists a bases to reasearch
  • gives a greater understanding of the struture and process
  • too simply
  • not unitary stores, evidence show that the must operate together whereas model suggests operate singlular - kf case study / amnesia patients
  •  speculation to whether there are sub sections
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describe and evaluate the WMM brief

Central Executive - processes and directs information

Phonological loop - audio and sounds

Episodic Buffer - general store

Visuo spatial sketchpad - images and visuals 

Too simpliflied - unclear about central excutive ..... eslinger and doman (1985) cerebal tumour patients, showed ability in some tasks but not others ... suggests multiple executives 

explains many psychlogical oservations eg. word length effect and partial stm loss 

key evidence comes from case studies of brain damaged patients, not good as you cannot see the 'before and after' comparisons so not clear if the behaviour is cuased by the damage 

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