Work force Planning

What is Work force planning?

What are the Different Components?

What are the internal influences on demand and supply for employees?

What are the External Influences on demand and supply for employeess?

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People In Organisations

  • HOW MANY workers will you need?
  • WHAT SKILLS  will the workers require for the job?
  • WHEN will the workers be needed?
  • WHERE will the workers be needed in the case of a large business, what shop or site?
  • ACHIEVEING TARGETS, the hrm may need to plan out a way to help with staf changes with maybe appraisal, and training as existing staff maybe promoted, this will require training and the so will new employees. Alternatively if staff numbers need to fall. a business may need to rationalise. by natural wastage, Voluntary redundancy, compulsory redundancies
  • INternal supply; number of existing employees; skills of exisiting employees; preformance/ productivity of current employees; staff turnover
  • workforce planning is plan which determines the number of staff needed or not now or in the future, to help reach labour targets.
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