straight grained. light in colour. relatively cheap. Hard. Easy to work with.

USES: furniture, toys, tool handles

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open grained. Easy to work with. Pale cream colour. can be LAMINATED.

USES: Tool handles, sports equipment, furniture, ladders, veneers.

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Strong. light brown wood. Open grained. Very hard. Easy to work with.

USES: High quality furniture. Beams. Veneers.

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straight grained. Light in colour. Hard. Easy to work with. STEAM BENT. relatively cheap.

USES: Furniture, Toys, Tool handles

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HARDWOOD: Mahogany

Reddish- brown in colour. Easy to work with.

USES: Indoor furniture. shop fittings. bars. veneers.

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durable. oily. golden brown in colour. Highly resistant to moisture.

USES: outdoor furniture. boat building. laboratory furniture and equipment.

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SOFTWOOD: Scots Pine (red deal)

Straight grained but knotty. Light in colour. Strong. Easy to work with. Inexpensive.

USES: DIY work. Constructional work. Simple joinery.

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SOFTWOOD: Parana Pine

Hard. Straight grained. Almost knot free. Strong. Durable. Expensive. Pale yellow.

USES: High quality pine furniture.

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SOFTWOOD: Western red cedar

Light weight. Knot free. Reddish brown. Easy to work with. Weak. Expensive. Naturally oily.

USES: Outdoor uses: fencing.

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SOFTWOOD: Pitch Pine

Pale yellow. Medium in weight. Stiff and stable.

USES: Furniture. Church pews. Veneers.

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Rich red brown. Small hard knots. Very durable.

USES: high quality furniture.

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